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FAQs & Glossary

When will I receive my road fund license (tax disc) for my Contract Hire vehicle?

As you have a Contract Hire agreement you receive road fund license as part of this. You should receive your tax disc towards the end of the month before the license expires. If you have not received this please contact us.

Does my vehicle require to be taxed, MOT and insured when returning to you?

Under the terms and condition of your agreement the vehicle requires to be roadworthy therefore these items are mandatory. Please click here to see how your agreement works:


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My vehicle has been involved in an insurance claim - what should I do?

It is important that you continue to pay all monthly payments when due until the matter is resolved. If your van has been in an accident and is not a total loss then you will need to have this repaired at one of our approved retailers, you can find the nearest one to you through nearest retailer link.

However if your vehicle has been deemed a total loss as it has been stolen or written off you will need to get in contact with us in order that we can advise of the full process depending on the finance product you have. Please have to hand the last known mileage of the vehicle, the name of your insurance company and any reference numbers you have for them.

Please click here for more information on how to contact us.