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FAQs & Glossary

Can I re-finance the optional final (balloon) payment on a Solutions (PCP) or Lease Purchase Agreement?

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Finance may consider a request to re-finance the optional final (balloon) payment, but it will be subject to underwriting as would a new application for finance.

Who arranges the collection of my vehicle at the end of my agreement?

Solutions - Once you have advised us that this is your chosen option, towards the end of your agreement we will contact our agents BCA to contact you and arrange a convenient time to inspect and collect the vehicle. Please note that charges may apply. Click here for more information on How your PCP agreement works.


Contract Hire - We will contact you 4 months before the end of your contract to advise you that the agreement is coming to an end. Our agents BCA will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to inspect and collect the vehicle. Click here for more information on How your Contract Hire agreement works.

I would like to keep my car but cannot afford to pay the final balloon amount, what are my options?

If you have a Solutions (PCP) or Lease Purchase finance agreement with us you may be able to spread the cost of the balloon. We can consider arranging this for you subject to your status and satisfactory payment history.

Should you wish to be considered for this option please contact us at least 4 months prior to the end of your agreement in order that we can advise you of the process, provide a quote and submit your details for an underwriting decision in a timely manner.

Why do I have to pay an acceptance and option-to-purchase fee? What are they for?

Acceptance fees and option-to-purchase fees are charged on most Agreements and contributes towards our administration costs. 

Once I have made all payments on my agreement, how long until I can receive a clearance letter?

We aim to provide a clearance letter within 14 days. If you have made any overpayments these will be refunded automatically into the account details that we hold on the agreement.

What are my options at the end of the agreement?

This will depend on the finance agreement you have with us. Please click on the relevant link below:


Solutions PCP

Hire Purchase

Lease Purchase

Contract Hire

Finance Lease

How do I compete the V5 when returning the vehicle to you?

Part 9 of the V5 needs to be completed and returned to the DVLA. It will only need your signature not the collection agents and the details for the registered keeper will be Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Finance and our address can be found here.

I would like to buy my Contract Hire vehicle at the end of the agreement. What do I need to do?

Unfortunately we are unable to sell the vehicle to the agreement holder. However if you know of a third party interested in buying the vehicle, you can obtain a figure by going to the buying your vehicle section in Contract Hire.