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Additional information

We have provided links to a wide range of both industry and other websites to assist with a range of useful information resources and reference sites.

Content within these sites is the responsibility of the host website and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Finance cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the details held within them.

The Finance and Leasing Association


The Finance and Leasing Association is the official body and association for the UK's Financial Services industry and respective businesses.

The Financial Services Authority


The Financial Conduct Authority is the regulator of all providers of financial services within the UK.

Financial Ombudsman Service


Financial Ombudsman Service is the independent service for settling disputes between businesses providing financial services and their customers.



Is a Credit Reference Agency that holds information for both individuals and business, and credit facilities they have and how these have been maintained.

Motor Industry sites


The official website for Volkswagen Commercial Vans UK

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The official website for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the UK. Explore new Commercial Vehicles or locate used vans and special fleet and business related offers.

Volkswagen Financial Services UK


VWFS (UK) Limited is the second largest finance subsidiary after its own German parent company VWFS AG. Stability and dependability are core attributes of the whole organisation.

Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited

Volkswagen Group Leasing

Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited, is a wholly owned member company of Volkswagen Group AG and the sole importer of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Škoda cars, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the United Kingdom.