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Solutions (PCP)

What to do during your agreement

We want to you enjoy driving your Volkswagen, so we’ve made our Solutions agreements easy to manage so you don’t need to worry.

Your payments

We’ll claim your monthly payments by Direct Debit, on a date of your choice. If you need to change the date this is collected, you can contact us.

Vehicle maintenance

It’s important to keep your vehicle in good condition, especially if you plan to hand it back at the end of the agreement or trade it in, as further charges may apply if there is any damage.

We recommend you read our Fair Wear and Tear guidelines:

Regular servicing will get you the best possible resale price, so to keep your vehicle in top condition we recommend that the vehicle is only serviced and maintained by an authorised Volkswagen Van Centre or authorised repairer. Tyres should be replaced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Find your local Volkswagen Van Centre.

Annual mileage

There is a specified annual mileage for your agreement. If you exceed this and decide to hand back the car at the end of your agreement, there will be a charge for any excess mileage.

Completing your agreement

We’ll contact you before the end of your agreement to remind you of your options and help you decide what to do next. Your local Volkswagen Van Centre may also contact you within that time to help you consider your options.

If you plan to part-exchange your vehicle, contact your Van Centre well in advance of the end of your agreement to ensure that your next vehicle is ordered and delivered before your final payment is due.

You can find more detailed information about this on our what to do at the end of your agreement page.

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