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Changing your name

Changing your name


Changing your Personal Name 

To submit a name change, please complete the form found in the link below and send to us electronically (scan or photo) along with your certified documents to


Alternatively the documents can be posted to: Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd. Customer Services, Brunswick Court, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5LR.  

Change of name form  (1.5 MB)


Changing your Company Name 

If you are a limited company and wish to change your company name, we also require a copy of your certificate of Incorporation in order to amend our records. Please send this in addition to the form above.


If your company is not incorporated, please contact us to discuss the process. 

Certified Documents

We will require a certified copy of your marriage or deed poll certificate before we can amend our records (certified by a solicitor or your local post office).


We aim to fulfil your request within 48 hours and will only contact you if we have any queries or problems processing your form.