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Ending your agreement early

Depending on your agreement you may be able to end it early.

If your agreement was set up within the last 14 days, please see below for details on your Right to Withdraw. Alternatively, you can request a Settlement Quote (unless you are a Finance Lease Customer).

If you have a Finance Lease or Contract Hire agreement with us, please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Please note, if you have a Contract Hire agreement, the settlement figure provided is for the rental payments only. Once paid you will need to make arrangements for your vehicle to be returned. Please visit Contract hire for more information regarding your agreement.

Right of withdrawal

Under the Consumer Credit Directive you are within your right to withdraw from your finance agreement but not the vehicle purchase without giving us any reason if:

  1. The credit that you take out is for £60,260 or less, you have regulated Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase or Solutions finance agreement and;
  2. You notify us verbally or in writing, (see Contact Us), that you wish to withdraw within 14 days of setting up your credit agreement.

Please note** Once the notification to withdraw has been requested, you cannot change your mind and reverse the contract, as it will be processed immediately.

For more information, please visit our FAQ Section.

Settlement quote

For more information, visit our settlement quote page.

Collection Booking Request
If you need to arrange for your vehcile to be collected ta the end of a Contract Hire, Finance Lease or PCP agreement, please complete the form at the below link and the BCA will be in touch: